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Transferred to the All4Ukraine foundation to cover the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

About the project

Peace on our land is possible only under the condition of total destruction of the world evil called «russkie»

In order for this to happen , we need financial assistance to fulfill the needs of our defenders.

That's why we organized this unique way of helping the Armed Forces, and at the same time, to join the reduction of russianfacist on our land.

All funds raised from the project will immediately go to the All4Ukraine foundation, which has been helping the Armed Forces since the first day of the full-scale war, covering their material needs.

This war is the war on each one of us

And everyone can contribute to its victory!

Conditions of participation
Create a request with a signature on a shell in your personal account on this web site
Make a donation for the All4Ukraine foundation
When the shell will be ready, the military will take a photo of the shell for you
Get a photo of the signed shell and certificate in a personal cabinet

An example of a certificate

After launching the shell with your message, we will send you a photo with the signed shell by email and prepare a certificate of the following sample for you:

Answers to frequently asked questions

If your weak-minded children are in Ukraine, do everything in your power to get them out of the territory of a country that is foreign to you and merciless to them. Otherwise, your occupying children will turn into fertilizer on our land. And we will be extremely happy about it.

In your personal cabinet, in the Donations section you will see on which request of the volunteer fund your money is spend on All4Ukraine your donation has been transmitted. Over time, the application will be closed, and you will be complicit in its closing.

All4Ukraine - a well-known and authoritative volunteer foundation, which has been helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale invasion

We understand. Want to see your personal revenge on the russianfacists . However, do not forget that there is a war in Ukraine. And our defenders do their work professionally at the frontlines .Please be patient. They will take a photo when the opportunity arises and when it will be safe to do so.

If you wish, we will return the money back to you.

The war is not over, it is only gaining momentum

Unfortunately the number of requests from the military that foundation All4Ukraine receives is much bigger than the quantity of donations that come from benefactors for their closure.

This project is one more way to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and bring our Victory closer